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Carrier Oils in Soapmaking

Fatty acids are the chemical components of oils and each gives a different property to soap. Combining the different fatty acids can make for a balanced bar of soap.

  • Lauric acid creates a hard bar of soap, is very good at cleansing and lathers well, however, it can dry the skin.
  • Linoleic acid is conditioning and leaves a silky feel on the skin.
  • Myristic acid is similar to lauric acid in that it creates a hard bar of soap, is cleansing and lathers well. It doesn’t dry the skin, though.
  • Oleic acid is conditioning and gentle on the skin. It feels slippery and does not lather well.
  • Palmitic acid makes a hard bar of soap, cleanses well and creates a good lather.
  • Ricinoleic acid makes a softer bar of soap, is conditioning and moisturizing to the skin and makes a great deal of lather.
  • Stearic acid makes a hard, long-lasting bar with a stable lather.
  • Any oil will have a range of percentages of the listed fatty acids depending on the souce of the oil, but the following information will give you the basic components.

Characteristics of Oils used in Soap Making

Click on the image to see a larger version or download the pdf-  Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils

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