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Essential Oil eBook (Value $19)

The perfect companion to your “Simple Homemade Natural Beauty and Spa Products At Home” ebook. The comprehensive Essential Oil Guide will help in making selections from this vast array of fragrance heaven that can be found in these powerfully potent vials of aromatic bliss. Included is Matches Made in Heaven to make it even easier for you to create delightful products.

Beginner Soap Making Simple Homemade Recipes (Value $19)

All the information you need to get started with Soap making. Included is cold and hot pressed soaps, milled, milk, liquid & melt and pour soaps. Safety, saponification charts and loads more information, just too much to mention here.
This eBook is YOURS FREE with your Simple Homemade Natural Beauty & Spa Products as Home purchase.

Coconut Oil For Health & Beauty (Value $23)

Anti-aging, skin care, weight loss, recipes and more….. As a long time fan of the benefits of coconut oil, this book has been throughly researched and includes an enormous amount information. Just one of the many amazing reviews this book has received: Since I am still a fairly newbie to using Coconut Oil for my hair, skin, and recipes, this book I found to have all the information that I was searching for and MORE! It covers why Coconut Oil is is so important to skin, hair and all over health. And I found so many reasons why I should use this healthy oil!

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"Introduction to Natural Home & Herbal Remedies"


This comprehensive eBook is jammed packed full of information you can use on an everyday basis, it has over 100 pages covering a wide range of natural health topics including:


✅Natural treatments for over 55 different ailments

✅ Connecting & being in rhythm with your body Introduction to Ayurvedic methods & wisdom

✅ The importance of sleep and how to achieve it

✅ A chapter dedicated to healing with bodywork and energy


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